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How to Get Rid of Brown Shield Shaped Stink Bugs that Smell When Killed in Mountain Home, ID

There are billions of species of pests roaming the planet and Ohio has their share. With the different species and subspecies of rodents, insects, and arachnids, homeowners and business owners are bound to have a run in with pests. More often than not, when pests intrude into homes and businesses, they are escaping the poor […]

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Where Do Hobo Spiders Live & Hide in Your Nampa, ID House & What Attracts Them?

Hobo spiders get their name from the way they are believed to get around, by hitching rides with humans along major highways in the Pacific Northwest. Hobo spiders started popping up in Idaho during the late 1960’s and were found statewide by the early 1990’s. They can be found throughout Washington, Oregon and parts of […]

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Why Are Mice a Problem in Meridian, ID? How to Get Rid of Disease Carrying Rodents

When it comes to pests there are some that are an annoyance while other cause serious damage. Termites eat away at the wood that supports the structure of your home while ants are a nuisance that infest your kitchen by the hundreds. There are other pests that are a problem because of the damage they […]

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When Are Ticks Out of Season in Boise, ID? Do Biting Tick Pests Die Off for the Year or Hide?

As the weather starts to really cool off, most of the pests in your life are going to be retreating to warmer places. You may think you are out of the woods in the insect department. While this might be true for some insects, it isn’t the case with all of them. When it comes […]

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Fall Pest Prevention Preparation in Emmett, ID; Home Sealing, Pest Inspection & More

Generally, pests come into buildings in search of a convenient food and water source, or to escape extreme weather conditions. More often than not, these pests will invade your home when the temperatures drops, whether it is to go into dormancy or to survive the winter in favorable conditions. With the proper precautions, you can […]

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Where Do Hobo Spiders Live in Your Mountain Home, ID House? How to Prevent Infestations

Hobo spiders are a common spider found in the Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. They are commonly found around railroad tracks and this is the reason they got their name. Along with railroad tracks they can be found in areas close to the ground that have holes and cracks like construction supplies, rock retaining walls […]

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Do All Deer Mice Carry Hantavirus Disease in Nampa, ID? Identification, Signs & Rodent Control

Deer mice are cute, inquisitive and interesting creatures. They may appear harmless but they can be deadly. About a quarter of all deer mice are believed to carry a deadly disease called hantavirus. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) can develop if the virus is inhaled when the urine or feces of deer mice is disturbed. Hantavirus […]

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Pest Control FAQ in Meridian, ID; Should I Do My Own Pest Management or Hire a Professional?

There are many questions consumers have involving pest control. Where volumes could be written to answer the many questions you have, we have significantly condensed questions and compiled a frequently asked questions list for the most common questions asked. We at Pestcom Pest Management have answered a handful questions, and will continue to answer more […]

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Termite Treatment; How to Stop Damage & Get Rid of Subterranean Termites in Boise, ID

Termites in general are notoriously known for their destructive ways. Their insatiable appetite for wood and other cellulose materials cost homes and businesses in the US over a billion dollars a year in the damage they cause consuming and navigating through the wooden materials used in buildings. With thousands of species found in the world, […]

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Is Professional Pest Control Worth it in Emmett, ID? Yes & Why Do it Yourself Doesn’t Work!

When it comes to dealing with pests, many people think that they can go to the store and purchase a treatment. The problem is that the chemicals that are being used in the treatments can be dangerous to homeowners and pets. Another huge problem is that the sprays that you will find at the store […]

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