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Bees VS Wasps in Caldwell, ID; Bee Hive & Wasp Nest Identification, Stings & More

The warmer weather brings buzzing pests around, but are they bees or wasps? Bees and wasps both sting so you don’t either one buzzing around! Bee & Hive Identification Bees have hairy bodies, round abdomens and flat wide legs. Bee hives are built in cavities that are well protected from the elements like hollow trees […]

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Termite Colony Queen and King Recognition Pheromone to Worker Termites in Eagle, ID

Termites are known all over the world. In the United States they are a notorious pest, known for devouring wood in the structures of businesses and homes. They cost billions of dollars a year in repairs. Most know that termites in general require wood in their diet, that they are social insects that live in […]

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Ant Facts in Nampa, ID; Ants Take Over the World, Communication, Colony Superorganisms & More

Ants are very small creatures that are also very interesting. Pestcom Pest Management presents some fun facts about ants. Fun Facts About Ants 1. Ants lived with the dinosaurs. Humans have been around for some 200,000 years which is just a tiny amount of time that the Earth has been around, some 4.54 billion years. […]

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What Do Elm Seed Bugs Eat in Meridian, ID? How to Get Rid of Elm Seed Bug Infestations

Hailing from the Seed Bug Family, the Elm Seed Bug, or formally known as Arocatus melanocephalus is a black and reddish-brown bug. Bearing unique triangular shaped markings on its back, these rather distinctive looking insects average about ¼ – ½ inches in length. This major nuisance originated in the south-central parts of Europe and was […]

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What Causes Silverfish Infestations in Boise, ID Bathrooms? Are Occasional Invader Pests Harmful?

Earwigs, centipedes, and silverfish are examples of the occasional pest invaders that are not as common as the ants, cockroaches, and spiders, but are still notorious enough you can recognize them when you see them. More often than not, they are fairly harmless and the damage is minimal in comparison to what other pests are […]

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How to Get Rid of Black Carpenter Ants Causing Property Damage & Bites in Your Emmett, ID House

When it comes to pests there are some that are a small annoyance and it is something that can be rid of easily. There are others that are more than just a pest but something that can cause damage to your home and affect your health. These are the types of pests that you need […]

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Pest Control for Cars in Mountain Home, ID; How to Prevent Rats Eating Car Wires & More

Pest control is essential to eradicate pests and to keep them out and away from your homes and businesses. However, do you need to keep them away from your cars as well? You might be surprised to learn that cars suffer from pest invasion problems too. Pestcom Pest Management will share how vehicles can suffer […]

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Pest Control Terms & Meanings in Caldwell, ID; from Action Threshold & Bait to Sanitation

In the pest control industry, there are quite a few terms and phrases spoken by professionals that might leave some people scratching their heads. In an effort to make the common terms more clear, we at Pestcom Pest Management has compiled and introductory glossary for your convenience. If you are ever confused at the information […]

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How to Get Rid of German, American & Brown Banded Cockroaches in Eagle, ID Homes

Cockroaches are found on nearly every continent on the globe. With the thousands of cockroach species skittering around, few can claim they have never crossed paths with this grotesque insect. Despite the thousands of species of roaches, only about 30 of them are considered pests to humankind. In Idaho, there are three common species of […]

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Termite Facts in Nampa, ID; Termites Communicate Via Chemical Pheromones & More

When it comes to pests there are a few that top the yuck list. Most people don’t want to see cockroaches hanging around their house and spiders a big no no. Although these pests are not fun to have around there are others that are a pest for different reasons. There are some pests that […]

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