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Protect Your Family From Dangerous Bed Bugs

These small, brown, oval-shaped bugs survive by consuming the blood of animals and humans. They leave painful, itchy bites all over the body. And, worst of all, they can move quickly across floors, walls, and between your sheets. If you have bed bugs — or think you have them — you need to take quick action.

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Skin Infections

Even though bed bug bites are tiny, they are very uncomfortable. The itchiness from their bites can lead to excessive scratching, resulting in serious skin infections such as lymphangitis and impetigo.

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Home Damage

The longer bed bugs go un-treated the bigger of a problem they become. Bed bugs are known to quickly spread from room to room while reeking havoc to your furniture along the way.

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How Do We Exterminate Bed Bugs?

  • Same-Day Bed Bug Inspection
  • Bed Bug Treatments & Removal
  • Bed Bug Prevention
  • Bed Bugs in Boise
Same-Day Bed Bug Inspection

Our technicians know a thing or two about bed bug infestations. We’ve applied bed bug treatments to homes in Boise, Meridian, Caldwell, and throughout Treasure Valley. We know how to immediately spot the signs of a bed bug infestation, and where to find their hiding spots. We will visit your home to search for:

  • Possible infestation locations in the bedroom, closet, living room, and even in the carpet
  • Signs of bed bugs, such as dark spots hidden just below the surface of fabric.

We complete a full inspection so we can understand the extent of the problem before we get to work.

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Bed Bug Treatment & Removal

Bed bugs can be tricky to remove because the adult bugs and eggs require different treatments. We stop the infestation in its tracks by exterminating all traces of bed bugs. Our treatments are tough on bed bugs, but safe for your family and pets. This is what you can expect on the day of treatment:

  • Our technicians come to your home at a time that is convenient for you, and they immediately get to work.
  • We apply the necessary treatments to the infested areas of the home, ridding your home of bed bugs.
  • For some infestations, we may need to return for multiple bed bug treatments.

We use the most effective treatments in order to completely remove bed bugs and their eggs from your home.

Bed Bug Prevention

We don’t just want to remove the bugs that are currently in your home and your mattress, we want to make sure they never come back! To ensure that your home will be protected in the future, our technicians will:

  • Apply treatments to prevent these critters from snuggling deep into your furniture.
  • Make recommendations to reduce the chance of an infestation
  • Return for regular treatments as necessary

We want to make sure you never see another creepy bed bug again.

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Bed Bugs In Boise, Nampa, & Meridian

Bed bugs have been around for a while and there is a myth that only dirty or people down on their luck will have their home infested with bed bugs. But it is just that, a myth. Bed bugs don’t care who you are or where you live — they will infect anyone they come in contact with

Most people in the treasure valley come in contact with bed bugs via public transportation or in other places because bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. However, you can come in contact and become infested with blood sucking bed bugs simply by staying a night in a hotel, visiting a friend, or picking up a new to you but used piece of furniture at a garage sell

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Fast-Acting Bed Bug Treatments & Extermination in Boise Idaho

Bed bugs are a very invasive pest and if they are given a chance, they will quickly infest your entire home. Most homeowners are unaware that they have a bed bug infestation until the bed bugs have gone through a couple hatching cycles and have left bed bug bites all over the skin.

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Our bed bug treatments plus all of our others are safe for your family & furry friends while tough on unwanted bugs, rodents, pests & wildlife

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Our quick turnaround times come with zero hidden fees and give you the peace of mind knowing you are living bed bug free

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Ant Control Nampa, Idaho

We have happily used Pestcom for several years for exterior pest service. We developed a sudden ant infestation inside our home in multiple separate locations simultaneously this winter. It took two rounds, but Pestcom knocked them out with minimal disruption to our daily lives and at no additional cost. Highly recommend.

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Stephan Montamat
Ant Exterminator Meridian, Idaho

I was 100% thrilled with the service I had from today. The two guys that came were so thorough, and so pleasant, and so accommodating that I truly was so happy with their service. Looking forward to a long relationship with

Gail Smith
Ant treatments Caldwell, Idaho

They do a great job every time. I had a new technician, Matt, this time and he was just as excellent as previous ones. Right on time, quick, and professional. He even crawled under my deck to get rid of a hornets nest I didn’t even know about. I appreciate it, Sir! Thank you

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    Bed Bug Treatments in Boise, Idaho

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    Bed Bug Bite Treatments in Boise Idaho

    Bed bug bites are small bumps that are very itchy. Unfortunately, they don’t heal quickly — they can remain swollen for weeks. The itchiness and pain happens as the result of an allergic reaction to chemicals in the bed bug’s saliva.

    If you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, wash the affected area with antibacterial soap and water. You can apply an ice pack to reduce swelling and provide a little comfort. Do your best to resist itching the bites.

    How did I get bed bugs in the first place?

    When you have a bed bug infestation, the trick to getting rid of bed bugs is to act quickly. Bed bugs are notorious hitch hikers and will quickly latch on to pieces of fabric such as clothing or luggage if they get the chance.

    They will then follow you to your home or a place where you are ideal for a while. Once you reach your destination they will unattach and scurry to a small crack where they will squeeze their oval shape body through the opening and wait until their next meal is sedentary and not moving around which is typically at night when an unexpected host falls asleep.

    Are Bed Bugs Only In Beds?

    Bed bugs got their name because they typically feed while people are asleep in their beds. But that doesn’t mean that bed bugs are only found in beds, though. They can also live in couches, upholstered furniture, walls, your dog’s bed, and in other dark protected areas. The scariest thing about bed bugs is that they can rapidly infect everything in your home. When they do, they stick around for a while. Bed bugs can live for up to a year without feeding.

    Bed bugs are also extremely hard to get rid of. Some people think they can simply wash their sheets and be done with these bugs, but bed bugs are resilient. Even if you completely clean your home and throw out your mattresses, there could be some in your dresser and suddenly, you have a recipe for a reinfestation. Because of their small flat bodies, they can squeeze into hard-to-find places and become a nightmare to get rid of. It’s critical to be thorough and work with a professional pest control company when controlling a bed bug outbreak.

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    How Do Bed Bugs Enter Homes?

    If you have bed bugs in your Boise area home, it’s because they hitchhiked inside. They are usually brought by visitors or second-hand furniture. If you’ve been traveling, they may also have arrived on your suitcase.

    These little guys can even hitch a ride on your jacket sleeve when coming off of a public transportation or any other highly trafficked spot.

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    What Are Some Signs of Bed Bugs?

    A sure sign of a bed bug infestation is bite marks on the back, neck, arms, hands or legs. You may also find dark spots in between mattress or cushion seams, which is their excrement. Since bed bugs like to stay around eight feet of their victims, you may also see an actual bed bug crawling around while inspecting your home.

    If you think you have bed bugs, it’s best to act quickly and consult a professional pest control company. These bugs can quickly infest furniture throughout your home. Call for an inspection as soon as possible.

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    Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothes?

    If you have a bed bug infestation in Boise, Meridian, Caldwell, Eagle, or anywhere else in Treasure Valley then you might want to take advantage of our cold winters and bundle up not only for warmth but also for protection against bed bug bites. In theory it sounds like a good idea but bed bugs are so small ans squishy that they can crawl right under any extra layers you put on for protection.

    If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation then you will want to call the best pest control company in boise, Pestcom Pest Control & Pest Management. Our guarantee will help you sleep easy at night knowing that the bed bugs are gone and won’t be coming back while we are on the watch.

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