Why Do Bugs Come in House in Summer?

Summer is the time of year that kids are out of school and people love to be outdoors. The weather is nice and warm and swimming and BBQ’s run the show. The weather also bodes well for pests that have been waiting out the long winter months. Many pests need this type of weather to survive and to reproduce. 

That is why the warmer the weather the more pests you might see running around outside and even in your house. Pests that need and love the warmer weather are bees, wasps, cockroaches, crickets and many more. You want to make sure that you do what you can to keep them out of your house and prevent a potential infestation.ny trash before putting

Tips to Keep Bugs & Pests Out Of Your House this Summer

1. Don’t Feed the Pests: There are a few needs that pests have and are going to be in search of. They need to have some access to food to survive, and your home is a great place to gain access to that. You most likely have food out on counters and crumbs on the floor. 

You want to make sure you do what you can to keep food sealed up and cleaned. The other area where people make mistakes with food is when they place it in the outside garbage can. You want to seal up any trash before you put it in the garbage and keep the lid closed. This is the best way to stop pests from sensing that there is food for them to feed on.

2. Don’t Leave Water Out for Pests: You likely have a glass of water with your dinner. The same goes for pests when they are trying to survive. They need access to some type, so you must watch for standing water. You may notice that you have water dripping from a sink or outside at the hose. You want to ensure that you have these leaks repaired so that the water is not collecting, inviting pests.

3. Home Sealing to Keep Pests Out: If the pests don’t have any access to your house, they won’t be able to come inside. This may sound easier because you may be unaware of these access points. The easy ones are if you leave a window open or a door that does not have a screen cover. The harder to locate is when you have gaps in your house between siding, under an entry that should have weather stripping, and more. 

These smaller places must be found and sealed with some caulk or a fresh piece of weather stripping. This will make it much harder for them to gain access and give you time to have your home treated by a professional pest control company.

Treatment for Fleas on Cats & Dogs

There are a few options when you find fleas on your pets.

1. Spot-on treatments: There are many spot-on therapies on the market. They are liquids that you can apply to the skin of your pet. These treatments will last a month and are most effective when you use them before your pets get fleas.

2. Collars: Flea control collars have improved over the years. These collars will last for up to 8 months. Some medallions can easily be attached to your pet’s collar.

3. Shampoos & Sprays: If your pet already has fleas, then you can use flea shampoos and sprays to kill adult fleas. These products will not provide long-lasting protection, however. To prevent re-infestation, follow up with a collar.

4. Home & Bedding Control: If you have discovered that your pet is dealing with a flea infestation, then you’ll need to treat their bedding. Talk with a sales associate at the pet store to figure out what will work best.

Pest Control Services

Pestcom Pest Management is able to set up services to treat your home for unwanted pests.

Call us today to make an appointment.

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