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Nothing is worse than seeing roaches, ants or rodents in a food establishment. And who wants flies landing on their food when they are trying to eat?

Pestcom Commercial Food Services

The beauty of our service is our IPM monitoring and record keeping. First we keep an IPM log book in the kitchen office. Upon arrival we first check the log to see if the shift managers have noted any activity since our last visit. We then inspect our pheromone baited sticky traps that we have placed in strategic locations throughout the kitchen and dining rooms for signs of activity.
These two sources of initial information help us determine the best course of action. We install and service flytraps on our regular service. For free standing buildings we keep the exterior landscaping and garbage storage areas free of insects and rodents.
If you have an emergency, we have a qualified staff several layers deep to immediately respond to a service request. From the kitchen to the dining room to the parking lot, we have got you covered. Call Pestcom Pest Management today to protect your commercial food space.


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