The Power of Prevention

Areas of Idaho are ideal for the perpetuation of subterranean termites. Each year these termites swarm, randomly looking for a new place to establish a colony. Over time, these pests can infest your home and cause severe damage to what is likely your greatest investment.
Annual termite inspections are a form of preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is almost always less expensive than the future treatments and repairs you could experience without this service.

  • Termite Protection Policy (TPP)
  • After the initial inspection and treatment has been completed, we perform a complete inspection of your home annually.
  • We provide a written report listing any new findings.
  • The local spot treatment of subterranean termites, at no charge.
  • We inspect for signs of water intrusion and fungus damage.
  • We inform you of needed wood repairs and corrections and provide a discounted price if you choose to have our staff make the repairs.
  • Discounts, on all our other pest services.
  • Renewable, for the life of your home.


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