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We can treat any pests in your Kuna, ID home

Insects, rodents, and pests can have lasting damage on your Kuna home and yard. Some pests can chew through your foundation without you knowing! Others spread harmful diseases and illnesses to your family and pets. Protect your home with pest control.





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Pest Control Kuna| Same Day Inspections

Fast-Acting and Efficient Treatments

We know that when you call us, you want the pests out of your home as quickly as possible. That’s why we perform same-day inspections and use fast-acting pest treatments. All of our technicians are trained on the best pest treatments and methods to protect you, your family, and your home. Our pest control services in Kuna, ID include:

  • Lawn and exterior pest treatments
  • Interior pest treatments
  • Rodent control
  • Commercial pest control

Whatever your pest problem, we can help. Give us a call today.

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Our Process is Quick, Easy, and Effective


We don’t make any treatment recommendations until we can perform a full inspection. One of our technicians will arrive at your home to search for pests and their nests, even in the hard-to-reach spaces. An initial inspection includes:

  • Asking you about the pest-related problems you’ve experienced
  • Performing a walkthrough to find pests and locate their nest or the other source of the pests
  • Assess cracks and holes where they could be entering your home from the outside
free pest inspections in kuna idaho

02.Pest Treatment

Using our findings from the consultation, we create a customized pest treatment plan for your Kuna, ID home. Every treatment product we use is safe for your family and your pets, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals or fumes. Your safety is our top priority. You can expect the following when we treat your Kuna home for pests.

  • We schedule a treatment day that works for your family’s schedule
  • Our technicians work quickly and efficiently to remove the pests and apply treatments to relevant areas in the home
  • If necessary, we will return to apply multiple treatments
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03.Pest Monitoring

Some pests are known for returning year after year. Stop them before they crawl onto your Kuna property with our pest monitoring services. Our team will perform regular visits to apply preventative treatments and identify any early signs of pests. Our pest monitoring services for Kuna, ID residents include:

  • Garage sprays and web removal
  • Full spray treatment around the shrubbery, porch, patio, entry points, and full perimeter
  • Rodent inspections
  • Crawlspace dusting
  • Wasp nest removal
pest monitoring services in Kuna Idaho

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Pestcom Promise

At Pestcom, we are committed to providing top-quality pest removal services. We promise to do everything we can to remove the pests from your property and keep them from coming back. If there is a situation where the pests we treated for reappear, we will return to your home and remove them free of charge. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services.

We are proud to provide full-service pest prevention and removal treatments for our friends and neighbors in Kuna, ID and the Treasure Valley area. Our team is knowledgeable, skilled, and professional in every service we provide.

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