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Your Lawn Improved with Pre Emergent Weed Control

Maintaining lawns in Boise demands meticulous attention, ensuring they remain not only visually appealing but also free from the encroachment of weeds and other detrimental plants. As summer flourishes, vigilance becomes paramount, as weeds can swiftly become a nuisance. Here are some challenges associated with weed infestations in Boise area lawns.

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Weed interferes with harvesting

Weed interference in Boise lawns Weeds not only disrupt the aesthetics but also hinder the healthy growth of lawns. Without proper control measures, weeds can quickly overtake the turf, competing with grass for essential resources such as sunlight, nutrients, and water.

Your Hardscapes Enhanced with Long-Term Pre Emergent Solutions

While lawns require ongoing pre emergent and broadleaf weed control, managing bareground, rocky, or other hardscape areas demands a different approach. Long-term preemergent or sterilant treatments are essential to ensure these spaces remain free from unwanted vegetation. Here's why weed control in these areas is crucial:

Weed hazards in non-lawn areas

Lawn Pre-Emergent vs. Bare Ground Pre-Emergent

You can prevent ugly weeds from taking over your yard by using pre-emergent. Pre-emergent herbicides block weed seeds from germinating before they emerge in your lawn. The key with pre-emergents is to choose the right kind for your yard and apply them correctly.

There are two main types of pre-emergents:

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How Do We Control Weed?

  • Thorough Inspection
  • Weed Sterilant
  • Weed Control and Prevention
Thorough Inspection

Proper inspection is the first step towards preventing weeds from taking over your lawn. yard or garden. Our technicians will inspect your lawn and look for the presence of weeds or seedlings so that they can be identified and removed. We will visit your home to search for the following:

  • Plots of weeds
  • Spreading roots and seeds
  • Areas with cracked soil
  • Any areas that are not adequately mowed or trimmed
  • Unwanted plants, such as cattails, thistles, and crabgrass
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Weed Sterilant

Weed Sterilant

Our technician will then apply the appropriate weed killer to eliminate weeds and prevent future growth. We use only the best quality products that are safe for your lawn, plants, pets, and family. During the treatment, you can expect our team to:

  • Spot-spray areas with weeds
  • Apply a preemergence weed killer to prevent the germination of new seeds
  • Spray with a post-emergence weed killer to kill existing weeds
Weed Control and Prevention

Once the weeds have been eliminated, we will work to keep your lawn weed-free. The weed control and treatment will not only help your lawn look better, but it will also help provide essential nutrients for the grass and plants. To ensure that your lawn is left weed-free, we will:

  • Treat the soil with a soil sterilant to prevent any future growth of weeds for many years.
  • Guide proper lawn care and maintenance practices
  • Apply organic nutrients to help your grass stay healthy and strong

We want to ensure your lawn is weed-free and healthy all year round. Soil sterilant are the most effective way for us to ensure that your lawn remains weed-free, so don’t hesitate to contact us today! We guarantee you’ll be seeing fast results in no time.

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Fast-Acting Weed Control in Boise & the Treasure Valley

Weeds don’t stand a chance with our fast-acting soil sterilant. Get your lawn looking beautiful in no time! Contact us today to learn how we can help you control weeds in Boise and the Treasure Valley.

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With over 600 5-star reviews, it’s safe to say our team is good at what we do. So check out what our customers are saying, and call us today!

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Kid & Pet Safe Treatments

Your safety and comfort are our priority. That’s why our lawn care services use kid- and pet-safe treatments. We only use non-toxic pesticide and herbicide so rest assured, knowing you and your loved ones are in good hands with us!

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No Hidden Fees

Transparency matters to us. That’s why there are no hidden fees or surprises with our lawn care services. Instead, we’ll make sure you know about every part of the process so that you can have peace of mind when working with us!

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We have happily used Pestcom for several years for exterior pest service. We developed a sudden ant infestation inside our home in multiple separate locations simultaneously this winter. It took two rounds, but Pestcom knocked them out with minimal disruption to our daily lives and at no additional cost. Highly recommend.

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Stephan Montamat
Ant Exterminator Meridian, Idaho

I was 100% thrilled with the service I had from today. The two guys that came were so thorough, and so pleasant, and so accommodating that I truly was so happy with their service. Looking forward to a long relationship with

Gail Smith
Ant treatments Caldwell, Idaho

They do a great job every time. I had a new technician, Matt, this time and he was just as excellent as previous ones. Right on time, quick, and professional. He even crawled under my deck to get rid of a hornets nest I didn’t even know about. I appreciate it, Sir! Thank you

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    How Does Soil Sterilant Work?

    Soil sterilant is a fast-acting and effective way to eliminate weeds in your lawn. It works by killing existing weeds and preventing new ones from germinating. Soil sterilants are also considered non-selective herbicide designed to kill existing vegetation instead of preemergence herbicides, which only affect sprouting seeds.

    They are meant for use in dormant and non-cropland areas, such as those that have been cleared of vegetation or are being prepped for seeding. They can also be used on surfaces where no vegetation is wanted, like driveways, railroad rights of way, sidewalks, and parking lots.

    When applied by trained professionals, the soil sterilant helps your lawn look healthier and be resistant to weeds. This treatment is safe for kids, pets, and the environment. Contact us today to learn more about our soil sterilant services and see how we can help you keep your lawn looking beautiful!

    Why is Weed Control Necessary?

    Weed control is necessary because it helps keep your lawn looking healthy and free of unwanted vegetation. Weed killers can also help prevent the germination of new weeds, which can quickly take over a lawn if left unchecked.

    A weed-free lawn will not only look better but will also be healthier, as it won’t have to compete with weeds for essential nutrients and resources.

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    Do I Need a Professional to Apply the Treatment?

    Yes, it’s best to have a professional apply the treatment in order to ensure that it is applied correctly and safely. Professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that the treatment is effective, as well as safe for both people and the environment.

    They can also provide guidance on proper lawn care practices so that your lawn remains weed-free all year round.

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    How Often Should I Treat my Lawn?

    It depends on the type of treatment or chemicals you are using and your lawn’s current condition. Generally speaking, it’s best to apply a soil sterilant every 6-12 months in order to keep weeds at bay.

    However, if you notice an increase in weed growth, it may be necessary to treat it more frequently. Contact one of our professionals today to find out the best treatment plan for your lawn.

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    Are DIY Methods Effective in Killing Weed?

    To kill weeds effectively and safely, it’s best to use professionally recommended products. DIY methods like boiling water, vinegar and vinegar solution or salt may not be as effective or safe, as they can damage your lawn and the environment if not used properly.

    Our team of professionals can help you find an effective and safe solution for your lawn. Contact us today to learn more about our weed control services!

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