Flying Termites Vs. Flying Ants​

With the weather starting to warm up and the temperatures rising, most pests are going to be more abundant. There are lots of pests that are particularly a springtime nuisance. These pests include bees, wasps, ants, flies, and even termites. The change in weather calls for termites and other pests to come out and look for a place to nest, reproduce and feed. 

The problem is that a flying ant and a termite are quite similar and you may not be sure what you are seeing swarming by your home. Flying carpenter ants are a serious problem as are termites as they both cause extensive damage to property. However, these pests must be treated differently to effectively exterminate them so it’s vitally important to know what pests are plaguing your home. 

Now you may be wondering how you are supposed to know what you are looking at. Well, there are some differences between these two pests, and knowing what they are can help you decide on necessary treatment.

Difference Between Flying Ants & Termite Swarms

• Appearance of Flying Ants VS Termites: If you are close enough to get a look at the pest that is swarming past your home, you may be able to determine what it is. They each have distinct characteristics that allow someone to visually tell them apart. 

Termite: has a straight body and is usually dark brown or black in color. The termites that are swarming will also have two wings on each side that are the same length. They also have short antennae that are nice and straight. 

flying ant

Flying ants: has a pinched body that shows different segments. They also have two wings on each side but the upper wing is longer. They also have longer antennae and pinchers and come in black and brown but can be read as well.

• What Do Termites & Flying Ants Eat?: Here is where you may notice a large difference. The diet of a termite and a colony of ants is very different.

A termite feeds on the wood products in your home and around it. It can be old wood beams, a downed tree, or a firewood stack. The cellulose in the plant fibers is what sustains them. When talking about ants they go for more fruits, nuts, and even other pests. 

That means that a termite will cause damage to the structure of your home while they feed while ants will most likely be feeding on the sugary food you left on the kitchen counter.

• Behavior of Termites & Flying Ants: When you are talking about the behavior of an ant versus a termite you may find many similarities. There are some ants that will fly and even swarm and the same goes for termites.

The termites swarm in the early part of spring looking for a new place to live. They each live in large colonies where every member has their own job that helps contribute to the group. They are looking for a place to live and eat and your home can be just that for both ants and termites.

One important behavioral difference is that some species of flying ants will bite or sting if they feel threatened. Termites typically don’t bite people!

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