Harmful Pests in Meridian

The great state of Idaho is filled with all sorts of creepy crawly insects and arachnids that you do not want sharing your home.

Some of the most dangerous pests live here and they come in all shapes and sizes. Most of these pests keep to their outdoor environments. However, from time to time they will venture indoors into our homes and businesses.

Pestcom Pest Management has put together a list of the most dangerous pests that dwell in the great state of Idaho to help the state’s residents know how to identify these dangerous pests! Harmful Pests in Meridian are:

1. Bark Crab Spider

The Bark Crab Spider has gotten their name by their long wide legs, and the fact they will shuffle side to side, much like the movement of a crab. There are many species of bark crab spiders so their coloring does vary. 

However, their legs and wide, flat body shape remains the same. Depending on the species of bark crab spiders, their size will also vary. Nonetheless, they will all stay under an inch in size. 

Normally, people won’t encounter these spiders in the home nor are they aggressive in nature. However, a bite can cause a serious allergic reaction in some people. If you are one of them, seek help right away.

2. Assassin Bug

The Assassin Bug has an unusual life style. These nasty insects come equipped with a curved beak which they use to drain their prey of their fluids.

After they have killed their prey, they will carry their corpses on their back for camouflage or even for a later snack. They are normally brown which helps them blend in with the bark of trees.

They have a long body and six long legs. Again these insects normally keep to the outdoors. However, people should stay away from the assassin bug whenever possible. Their bite is rather painful and they will bite if humans get too close.

3. Wind Scorpion

This rather large spider, like the scorpion species, can be found all across America. They have long front legs that resemble a scorpion’s pincers and function much like a scorpion’s pincer, but they lack the pincer part. Some go screaming for the hills because these pests seem to be chasing or attacking people. However this isn’t the case. 

They like to be in dark or shaded areas. So they are, in fact, chasing your shadow. Of course, one look at these giant pests and no one really wants to test that fact. 

The wind scorpion is not aggressive despite the willingness to hang out around people. They will only bite if they feel threatened. Keep in mind though their bites are really painful and can leave the infected areas feeling numb. This numbness could last for hours or even days depending on the amount of venom they were able to inject.

Professional Pest Control

These are a few of the dangerous insects that most native Idaho residents do not really understand or know about. It is important to know about them as much as one does termites, cockroaches and other common pests. Make sure to keep your home properly protected from all pests and insects. 

For your home or business pest management program, contact Pestcom Pest Management and we will help you.

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