How to Avoid Spider Infestations​​

Spiders are known for their creepy nature, and for that, most people do not appreciate them in their homes. Even though most species don’t pose any real threat to humans, nobody wants these pests infesting their houses. The most common spider that you will find in your home is the common house spider. 

Control can be difficult, but it is not impossible. If you find yourself tired of cleaning up webs in your home, Pestcom Pest Management lists some tips that will help you avoid spider infestations.

Tips to Control Spiders in Your Home

1. Remove Clutter: Most spiders are not social pests and will be seeking refuge. When you have a lot of clutter, especially in storage areas or garages, you are creating the perfect environment for spiders. Keeping your home clear of clutter is the first step in keeping spiders out.

2. Seal Belongings When putting boxes and suitcases in storage, make sure they are sealed properly to keep spiders out of them. Be sure all your suitcases are zipped up and boxes are surrounded in tape so no pests can crawl inside. 

3, Stack Firewood Away from Your Home: Avoid stacking your firewood near or up against your residence. This is a common home for many spiders and you don’t want them too close to your house. 

When your stacked wood is far from your dwelling, spiders will most likely leave it alone and be perfectly happy living in the wood. Check all firewood before bringing it into your home for hitchhiking spiders.


4. Check Screens for Holes & Tears: Check all the screens on your windows and doors for holes or tears. It doesn’t take a large opening for a spider to gain entry into your home and they will be looking for a way in if temperatures outside aren’t favorable. For small holes and tears on screen doors and windows, there is screen tape to seal them up again.

5. Check Seals Around Windows: If the caulking around your windows and doors is showing signs of age or damage, resealing them is essential to keep pests like spiders out of your home.

6. Seal Other Entry Points: Now is a good time to give your home a good visual check. Look for any holes or cracks that pests could climb in. Any holes in siding or cracks in your foundation are places that can cause problems as far as pests are concerned.

Beware of Dangerous, Venomous Spiders

Most spiders are harmless, but you should be aware of those that aren’t including black widow, hobo and brown recluse spiders. These all a risk to humans and a bite can have serious effects on your health. 

A giant house spider can look like a hobo spider, and harmless cellar spiders have been known to be mistaken for brown recluses, so it’s a good idea to be cautious around all spiders unless you know for sure they are harmless.

Spider Extermination

If you find yourself sweeping away cobwebs from the corners far too often, it might be time to call in the professionals. Pestcom Pest Management has the resources that it takes to eliminate your spider problem once and for all. 

Spider control can be difficult, but we have the tools that will successfully keep spiders and other pests out of your home. Call us today!

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