How to Get Cicadas to Shut Up

cicada makes itself known with its loud buzzing sound. These pests are a problem for many people and can cause damage to your landscaping. They also are a real annoyance, and you may wonder what you can do about them. 

There is a cycle that cicada will often follow, which means that they are not large outbreaks yearly. Commonly the cicadas are found to be a problem about every 17 years. That means there may be a considerable massive when you see a large group. That is not to say that there will be cicadas still out and about. 

Other cicadas show up yearly, and some show up periodically. This year, a group known as the Brood II, which has not surfaced since 1996, appeared. The best way to deal with cicadas is to learn more about them, what they like and what you can do to keep them away from your home.

What Attracts Cicadas to Your Property

One of the things you need to be prepared for is the noise. When a group of males has come together in a tree, they will start to try and attract females. That is where the noise comes from. 

A study found that a brood of male cicadas made a noise that hit more than 90 decibels. To help put that in perspective, if you heard a jet fly over, it would be about 80 decibels. That means they can be pretty loud at any point in the day or night. 

They are also a problem for smaller trees. These are the areas where a female cicada may start her egg laying. They also drink the moisture out of the tree, which can be deadly for a newer young tree. You can try and cover your youngling trees, so the areas of concern are out of reach. 

If you mow the lawn, you are susceptible to attracting a cicada or two. They may come over and land on you, thinking there must be a male nearby, so be sure to do your chores when cicadas are less active.

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