How to Get Rid of Mice

There can be many pests that might be found in your home throughout the year.

During the fall months, most pests want to escape the cooler temperatures and look for a place to stay warm. That means that they are entering homes and businesses. One of the biggest invaders of homes in the fall is rodents. 

What do Rats and Mice Do to Your Home?

Rats and mice are horrible pests to have in your home for many different reasons. They are a pest that will spread harmful bacteria and diseases to you and your family that could easily make someone sick.

They are not a clean pest and will walk all over the counters and surfaces in your home contaminating them. They are also an extremely destructive type of pest.

Once they get inside, they are going to start looking for a place to nest. Then, they will locate materials that they want to use such as insulation, paper, and wires. They will chew away at these things and stuff them in an area to make a nest for their family.

This will cause damage to your home and could even be a danger. The danger is when they chew through wires that are electrical and can start a fire. Don’t let a rodent population get out of hand. Call a pest control professional at the first sign.

Signs that you have Rat & Mice Rodents in Your Home

Pestcom Pest Management is here to save your home from these nasty rodents. These are the signs that you have to get a professional to get all of the rodents away from your home:

Chewed Packages & Contaminated Food

When you go to get a box of noodles out of the pantry or a pack of snack cakes off the shelf only to find that there is a corner chewed through the box and the food gnawed on you have a problem. 

Rats and mice are going to go in search of food that they can eat and take back to their family. The food is what will keep rodents in your home once they gain access. They are able to chew through many packages such as cardboard and paper sacks. 

If you have food that is not in sealed hard plastic or glass Tupperware, you could be leaving a meal out for a family of rodents. Then if you see these chewed-up marks on your food containers, you need to call a professional pest control company as soon as possible.

Mouse & Rat Scratching & Squeaking Noises

Throughout the day, you are probably not going to be able to hear the rodents. They are usually staying quiet and hidden in the home behind the walls, in the basement, or in the attic during the day hours when the homeowner is home and moving about.

They will most often time wait till after the house quiets down at night to make their way. Rodents can be heard chewing through items, scratching on the walls, and scurrying past. These can all be signs that rodents have made your house their home. 

Rodent Feces & Urine Droppings

They are an extremely messy pest to have in your home. They don’t have control over their urination and their bowels so that means that wherever they are they will go. Furthermore, they don’t use the same area and will go on the floors, counters, and anywhere else they walk past.

Their feces and urine can be dangerous to your health if you come in contact with it even indirectly.  

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