How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons can cause damages to roofs along with significant messes. They are also difficult to control, especially when your home or yard becomes the famous pigeon hang out. 

They become a significant problem when you have pigeons roosting, or worse, nesting on your roof. Pestcom Pest Management will share the key steps to a successful pigeon control program.

  1. Bird Spikes – One of the most popular methods to control pigeons is bird spikes. Various types of bird spikes come in different shapes and sizes. However, they all essentially work the same way. They prevent the bird from landing on ledges, roofs, eaves, light posts, and garbage areas. They are typically hammered in and held in place with a nail. Some spikes are even glued down. They are usually installed in high areas prone to pigeons. You can generally find them in many hardware stores, or a pest control company that deals with bird control will be able to install them for you.
  2. Weatherproof String Bird Repellent – Another similar method as the bird spikes is using a weatherproof string. They are great for fences or short walls where kids, other people, or pets may get hurt on the spikes. Use two posts and tie the end of the string to each post. This will help prevent birds or pigeons from landing in those areas.
  3. Bird Repellent Wire or Netting – To help keep pigeons from roosting or nesting in eaves or other cozy places, you can use mesh metal wiring or weatherproof netting material. Install them in front of the cozy areas you’d rather not have pigeons. You can secure them in place with nails or staples. It will depend on what material you are anchoring.
  4. Eliminate Pigeon Resources – Most pigeons will gather in places to find food, water, and nesting sites. One of the significant problems with pigeons is they will eat almost anything they can find. They will go through garbage, look for discarded food, and will even enjoy eating all of your pet’s food. Also, as long as there is water, they will drink it regardless of what color or how dirty it is. As long as a place provides shelter from poor weather or predators, pigeons will nest just about anywhere. In general, they are not picky birds. This means you must remove potential water and food sources to prevent them from nesting around your home or property.
  5. Seek Professional Bird Control – When you get overrun with pigeons, you must do what you can to reduce the problem. However, there comes a time when you may need professional help. Each pest control company varies in its services. Locate a pest control company that offers bird control programs. We are trained and have all of the tools necessary to help remove your pigeon problem. 

Pigeon Bird Control

If pigeons invade your home and property, contact Pestcom Pest Management. We provide pigeon bird control services to help keep these nuisance birds off your roof and away from your home. 

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