How to Prevent and Get Rid of Earwigs

Most of the time earwigs live outdoors, but every once in a while they venture into your home, and while they do not damage much of anything, it is their appearance that can be quite disturbing to homeowners. 

Earwigs have long bodies and are usually dark red or brown. They have chewing mouth parts and long slender antennae. Earwigs can be winged or have no wings, but regardless, their appearance will still send chills up your spine, especially if they are discovered crawling anywhere near where you are. 

If you have noticed earwigs crawling around your home, contact Pestcom Pest Management today, our technicians are skilled and experienced when it comes to eliminating the presence of earwigs and other pests inside of your home.  

What Contains an Earwig's Diet?

If you spot an earwig inside or just outside of your home, it will most likely be during the nighttime. During the day, earwigs hide in moist, shady areas beneath rocks, boards, sidewalks and debris. 

Earwigs are very fast runners and feed on mosses, lichens, algae, fungi, insects, spiders and mites, both dead and alive. There are some earwigs that are predators and others that feed off of living plants, becoming pests inside of greenhouses and on certain crops like vegetables and fruit. 

You can easily protect your garden from earwigs by hiring Pestcom Pest Management to regularly treat your home and the other areas of your property to keep earwigs and other harmful pests away.

How to Keep Earwigs Away from Your House

• Perform an inspection of all window screens throughout the house. Check to see if any screens have large holes and repair any that you find. Make sure that all of your door thresholds and window frames have weather stripping to cover any large existing gaps. 

• Explore the exterior perimeter of your home and search for any cracks or holes, inspect eaves, foundations and floorboards as well. Seal these areas that need attention with the proper type of sealant to prevent earwigs from crawling inside. 

• Caulk any cracks around windows, doors and pipes. While this may seem like a tedious job to get done, it will definitely pay off in the long run, with not only preventing earwigs from getting into your home, but many other pests that use the same avenues to gain access into your house.

Earwig Control and Treatment

Eliminate as many damp areas throughout your home as possible. Also, do your best to get rid of damp conditions around the foundation of your home. If you have any leaky pipes that are responsible for damp areas, get them repaired as soon as possible. 

Damp areas not only attract earwigs, but cockroaches and other pests that will attempt to invade your home.

If you are dealing with an earwig presence at your place, contact Pestcom Pest Management today.

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