How to Prevent Mice from Entering Your Home

Have you ever thought about the little critters that could be hiding around your home? Some kinds of pests might be hiding out of sight and make their way out when the day gets quiet and the night sets in. They are used to hiding from noise and people and can be seen scurrying out from behind cabinets and from under cupboards late at night. 

Mice are one of those pests that are a real danger to homeowners and their families. It may seem that it’s no big deal for them because they sell them as pets at the store but, don’t be fooled. The mice that you are sure to see in your home are not those cute and cuddly critters from the local pet store. These mice have lived out in the open and have been around with other rodents and pests. They are prone to carry diseases and bacteria that can cause health concerns for you and your family. People have reported getting sick and having to experience asthma and allergies when mice have been present. An infestation of mice is harder to deal with than preventing mice in the first place. 

Pestcom Pest Management list ways how you can prevent mice from coming into your house

How to Seal Your House from Mice: There are naturally going to be areas around your home that mice are going to be able to sneak in. Mice can squeeze through a space that is the size of a nickel so you will need to look carefully. Be sure to have some silicone or caulking on hand to close off small gaps and cracks. This will be the first defense in preventing mice from getting in your house.

Clean-Up All Leftover Food & Crumbs: This is a big part of preventing mice from coming in. If you unintentionally feed a mouse, they will stay forever! They are always in search of food and will want to go where they can find it abundantly. This means all those who leave dirty dishes or crumbs on the floor are more prone to a mouse infestation. Take time after each meal to clean off dishes and wipe down counters. Then sweep up the floor since even the smallest crumb is a full meal for a mouse. Also, be sure to put leftovers in a Tupperware or bag that to seal them tightly.

Pet Food Will Entice Mice Into Your Home: Pet food is usually left out and in bowls all day for pets to eat when they want to. The best thing to do is feed the pet as much as they will eat in a short amount of time. Then clean up the area so that there are no pet food kibbles left out, especially overnight.

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