Movies That Have Amazing Scenes With Spiders

Many people fear spiders, but there are some movies that show them in unique ways. These films display the beauty and power that these creatures have. Some depict how they can be used as protection from other predators or how they can be helpful to humans, while others show their destructive capabilities.

Spiders not typically thought of as being cute and cuddly. Instead, they’re known to be creepy, crawly, and scary. In this blog post, we’ll explore a few movies with scenes involving spiders for your viewing pleasure.

Spiders are one of the terrifying creatures in our world, but they’re not all bad. Some spiders are helpful to humans, while others just want to get along and live peacefully. Some movies have really good spider scenes. Let’s explore them!

The following list includes movies with amazing scenes with spiders: 

1. Arachnophobia – this movie is a classic about a spider outbreak in a small town. Arachnophobia is specifically about the fears that people have towards spiders of all kinds. The entire movie is centered around them, and the ending scene is sure to send a tingle of fear down your spine. Then, of course, the main character played by Jeff Daniels gets involved, so hilarity ensues. It also stars John Goodman and Julian Sands as an expert on spiders! 

2. Eight Legged Freaks – this movie will scare you if you don’t like spiders or think they are creepy. Eight Legged Freaks talks about a chemical spill and the mutation of spiders to huge proportions! If you want giant bugs, this is your movie! Watch as actors like Angelina Jolie and David Arquette go up against the mutation of eight-legged freaks. 

3. Spiderman – If you want to talk about a spider movie, Spiderman is another one that comes to mind. This movie series shows a tiny quick spider with such a potent bite that it transforms the boy into a spiderman. He can use his newly emerging powers due to the bite to throw webs from his hands and climb and scale with the best of any spider around. It ends up working out since Spiderman can work as a superhero and saves many lives all around the city. 

4. Charlotte’s Web – If you like magical and feel-good movies, Charlotte’s Web is for you! This movie stars Dakota Fanning as a little girl who finds herself dealing with her father’s death and moving to her aunt’s house. She finds solace in a book that tells of a pig saved by a spider – Charlotte. When she finally convinces the farmer to give her a pig, she names him Wilbur. As you can imagine, Wilbur’s life takes a dangerous turn when he is sent off to be the main course at an important dinner event for the mayor. Thankfully Charlotte saves his bacon and puts up with all of Wilbur’s shenanigans.

5. Raiders Of The Lost Ark – There is a scene when Indiana Jones is out looking for the Ark when he notices that there are spiders on the back of the guide. The problem is that when he turns to see what is on him, there are even more. The spider that was used in the scene was none other than the well-known and scary-looking tarantula. They are often kept as a pet for some people, but Indie had to deal with is too much to bear.  

Spiders Extermination

Spiders in movies are fascinating, but it’s a different case when encountering a real spider at home. Some people might be terrified of the idea of a spider in their homes. Unfortunately, that fear is often irrational, and they might not follow a proper course of action when a spider enters their residence. Spider extermination, however, provides a great way to remove spiders from one’s home with an appropriate amount of risk to the resident. There are several techniques that can be used to exterminate spiders in one’s home.

The traditional method of spider extermination is to place a sticky ‘glue’ board down in the area where the spider was seen. Many brands of these boards are available at local hardware stores, but it often requires trial and error to find out which brand works best in which conditions. The spiders will often get stuck to the board, allowing it to be identified. Nevertheless, many people find this method effective because it will identify many different types of spiders and handle them accordingly.

While not quite as popular today as they were fifty years ago, chemical poison remains an effective way to exterminate spiders. The most common form of spider extermination that uses chemicals is arsenic-based poisons, which are still popular in developing countries worldwide due to their low cost and effectiveness. However, these pesticides have proven unsafe for other creatures living in your home or office space. When handling these spiders, one should always wear gloves and keep all chemicals out of reach from children and pets. Even with such care, one must still be mindful of the potential health risk of using chemical poisons in their home.

No matter which method you choose to use for spider extermination, it’s important to remember that any amount of pesticide poses a risk to anyone’s health. Therefore, people must learn to identify which type of spider they are dealing with before killing it to take the proper course of action to avoid a potentially fatal bite. It is always a better way to call for the help of a professional exterminator company if you are not familiar with identifying spiders or the problem is too big. 

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