Pest Control For Food Safety​

When it comes to food, controlling pests is always a challenge. Nothing will drag down a food business like a reputation for being unsanitary or having pest infestations. Unfortunately, there are too many instances where pests have brought in bacteria and other diseases that can contaminate food making customers sick. This is a common concern for anybody working in an environment where food is handled and is open for long periods. 

Pestcom Pest Management would like to share some insight on how to best deal with pest control for commercial food handling businesses. 

What Pests Can You Expect to Find in a Business that Handles Food?

There are several pests that may be present when you have food involved, but there are a few that keep on coming repeatedly. Those pests are:


  1. Roaches – Cockroaches eat a wide variety of foods, and for this reason, they are a massive problem for any business that handles food. They carry at least 33 different kinds of bacteria, several different types of worms, and other harmful diseases. They quickly pick germs up on their legs when crawling around rotting food waste, garbage, and your countertops!
  2. Flies – Flies are especially a problem because they regurgitate contents from their stomach, turning food into the liquid for them to eat. They are also carriers of disease and carry over 100 different kinds of germs that are harmful to humans. Some of these include E. Coli, Staph, and multiple types of food poisoning.
  3. Ants – It depends on the type of ant you are dealing with, but most ants are attracted to sugary and greasy foods. Other attractants include fruit, pet food, dairy products, and meat. A big concern with ants is that they will get mixed into the food and consume themselves, along with carrying a variety of illnesses.
  4. Beetles – There are a wide variety of beetles that are attracted to the food we eat. Several beetles are attracted to grains and flour. They can contaminate food by leaving bits and pieces of cast skins behind after feeding.

Failure to Use Proper Pest Control

When dealing with pests, they can end up damaging your business when they aren’t adequately dealt with. Some aspects that can be damaging are:

  1. Recalls on products
  2. Loss in profit and sales when shutting down due to infestation
  3. Customer loss due to poor reputation
  4. Poor audit scores


Commercial Pest Management


It is in the best interest of your business and customers to have a pest control plan in place. Pestcom Pest Management can help you maintain the sanitary environment that will keep your business successful. By setting up a log to keep track of any pest activity seen recently, we can help you stay on top of any potential problems. 

Not only is it essential to keep pests out of your building, but it is essential to keep them under control on the exterior as well. Don’t let pests ruin your business. 

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