Why Pest Control Is Important? – Danielle’s Student Essay

Pest control is important because it lessens the spread of harmful diseases carried by insects such as mosquitos, sand flies, ticks, and fleas (familydoctor.org editorial staff, 2021). The Zika virus, Yellow Fever, and Malaria are diseases caused by mosquitos while Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are caused by ticks (familydoctor.org editorial staff, 2021). Therefore, pest control not only helps to decrease the highly populated areas of the aforesaid insects but also reduces the life-threatening symptoms and long-term illnesses caused by those insects.

Stings and bites from bugs as well as insects that suck blood from their victims can cause several mild symptoms that may develop into more serious symptoms requiring medical attention. For example, when the insect punctures the skin, common symptoms include fever, chills, headache, sore muscles, skin rash, nausea, and stomach pain.

On the other hand, serious symptoms consist of difficulty breathing, a sensation of throat constriction, swelling of the tongue, lips, or face, chest pain, long-lasting rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and vomiting (familydoctor.org editorial staff, 2021). Although many insect invasions of the skin can be treated with home remedies, removal of those insects and elimination of the areas known to house those insects is done most efficiently with pest control.

Termites are insects that are known to destroy the foundations of buildings and cause the development of health problems. More specifically, safety risks are present when termites are around because they chew through wood, and houses made of this material are subject to damage and could even collapse! Similarly, termites can ruin the electrical wiring throughout a home leading to a short circuit which may potentially create fires and electrical accidents (“Can Termites Make You Sick?”).

Termites prefer dark and moist areas which normally contain mold. If mold is present, the termites will spread the mold and cause it to multiply. When an individual is exposed to mold, they can suffer from fungal infections, skin allergies, and even skin diseases. Moreover, termites may trigger asthma attacks, sneak into ears and cause infections (on rare occasions), and leave stings when they bite (“Can Termites Make You Sick?”). Overall, pest control can help to secure the health and safety of individuals as well as manage and maintain areas to prevent harmful pests like termites.

The health and safety of a community from pests that range from destructive rodents to sneaky bed bugs should involve the help of pest control services. In this way, every factor is taken into consideration and a better plan of action can be created. For example, the pest removal company will check both exposed and hidden areas to make sure the pests have not caused further damage or have expanded their members making a larger colony.

Also, the materials and methods used by the pest control service have been tested to be successful and the professional treating the pest invasion knows if the chemicals and solutions used are harmful to the occupants. Above all, it is better to utilize pest control services that better understand how to handle pests and will help others to do the same (K2Forma 2021).

In conclusion, pest control is important because it enables homeowners and their neighbors to live in a safer and healthier environment.

Author: Mary Alkas

Arizona State University

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